Piditkö lukemastasi? Haluaisitko kiittää sen kirjoittajaa tarjoamalla hänelle kupin kahvia?

Varat menevät sivuston ylläpitoon ja kehittämiseen.

Good equestrian journalism, news media, and information need its authors. We want to keep our news site free and independent. And provide several views and opinions by increasing the number of authors and looking for the best writers.

Within the meaningful articles besides the news, we want to convey especially the sport horse and top riding sport culture of West Europe. To offer readers the opportunity to learn more about the activities of different sport horse studbooks, equestrian top sports events, organizations, products, services, and companies. As well as offer contacts to support the careers of Finnish horse professionals in separate roles of equestrian sports.

Our current core team of professional equestrian journalists is in the southern Netherlands. Our top location allows us to travel fast to get the latest interviews, background stories, results, pictures, and news from equestrian events and top competitions around the world. Equestrian superstars live and work nearby us. All major events in the equestrian sports sector are a short drive away.

Our task is to produce versatile and interesting quality content, which readers can trust. In our work, we follow the ethics and standards of good journalism. We always strive for faultlessness and fairness in our reporting. Our news coverage provides a comprehensive, nonpartisan view.

In our work, we respect horses and people. We take diverse communities into account and promote multi-valued discussion and interaction. And we do not keep quiet about difficult topics.

Maintaining these resources costs money. We are committed to paying the authors for the articles and their background work the salary and fees according to the local association of journalists. We pay competitive fees for the news, interviews, stories, articles, and photos we use, as well as other services such as design and translation work. As well as administrative costs, such as site operating costs, maintenance, domain, and add-on license fees. We offer support for our writers, proofreading, mentoring, training, a nice work community, and industry contacts of like-minded people, editors, and main players in the industry.

If you want to be involved in helping the development of equestrian sports journalism in Finnish, come and support the maintenance of this site. A single or recurring donation helps us continue our work.

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